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11. Get Extended Account Information

11.1 Overview

Get AiMe account information from an access code, including authentication key.


New clients should use Get Account Information with Extended Security instead, when processing Amusement IC cards.

11.2 Request

10 bytes1 byte1 byte4 bytesAccess CodeCompanyCodeR/W FirmwareVersionSerial Number

Parameter Detail
Command ID 15
Minimum supported client version 3.08.0
Access Code
Company Code The identified card issuer. See Common Enumerations
R/W Firmware Version Firmware version of card reader device. See Common Enumerations
Serial Number Mifare card UID. Prior to version 4.00.0, this is the seqNo from the access code

11.3 Response

4 bytes1 byte3 bytes256 bytes4 bytes4 bytesAccount IDPortalReg.PaddingAuth KeyRelation ID 1Relation ID 2

Parameter Detail
Command ID 16
Minimum supported client version 3.08.0
Account ID AiMe ID of the user
Portal Registered Registration state of the user. See Common Enumerations
Auth Key
Relation ID 1 Additional related accounts
Relation ID 2

If the account is not located, FFFFFFFFh should be sent as the AiMe ID. Additionally, the Relation IDs can be populated as either FFFFFFFFh or 00000000h if unneeded.