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1. Introduction

The ALL.Net authentication service is divided into four primary categories. They are ordered in decreasing importance on this page.

This entire service is HTTP-only!

1.1 Auth API

These four endpoints handle the primary functions of the ALL.Net authentication service. Requests and responses are sent as a url-encoded query-value string.

Some endpoints make use of a mildly obfuscated version of this. When the Pragma: DFI header is present for a request or response, it indicates that the content is a base64 encoded, deflated, version of its real value. If a request was made with Pragma: DFI, the response will be too.

All responses have the Content-Type of text/plain; charset=%s, where the charset is EUC-JP if unspecified in the request body.

Requests can be made using both the GET and POST verbs, and function identically.

1.2 Report API

Used to report download status for an ongoing network-based game delivery, this category contains just a single endpoint.

1.2.1 /sys/servlet/Report

1.3 Title API

These legacy endpoints are used to request title-specific information. I’ve not seen any games use these, and they’re a low priority for documentation.

1.3.1 /sys/servlet/GetMachineList

1.3.2 /sys/servlet/GetPlaceList

1.3.3 /sys/servlet/GetRegionList

1.3.4 /sys/servlet/MachineTable

1.3.5 /sys/servlet/PlaceRegionTable

1.3.6 /sys/servlet/PlaceRegionTableAll

1.4 Admin API

These endpoints are used for ALL.Net system administration and are not of interest. Their endpoints are recorded here for prosperity. Custom network authors should consider implementing their own administration functionality however best suits their architecture.

1.4.1 /sys/servlet/AdminRegister

1.4.2 /sys/servlet/AdminView