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2. libpcp

2.1 Main server section

2.1.1 Server setup e_pcpa_t pcpaInitStream(pcpa_t *stream)

Initialise a pcp stream, allocating memory as needed. e_pcpa_t pcpaSetCallbackFuncBuffer(pcpa_t *stream, pcpa_cb_table_t *callback_table, uint callbacks_max)

Assign a callback table to the stream in preperation for callback registration. e_pcpa_t pcpaSetCallbackFunc(pcpa_t *stream, char *keyword, pcpa_callback *callback, void *data)

Register a callback. If a command is received where the first keyword matches keyword, callback is called to process it. The stream is passed as the first argument to the callback, and data as the second. e_pcpa_t pcpaOpenServerWithBinary(pcpa_t *stream, int open_mode, u_short port, u_short binary_port, undefined4 param_5)

Open the pcp server on port, and prepare to use binary_port for data transfer.

Binds to if open_mode is 0, if it is 1.

param_5 is currently unknown. Pass 300000 for now; I think it’s some sort of timeout. void pcpaClose(pcpa_t *stream)

Close a pcp stream

2.1.2 Server mainloop e_pcpa_t pcpaServer(pcpa_t *stream, timeout_t timeout_ms)

Perform one tick of the server. If no events occure within timeout_ms, this returns.

2.2 Within callbacks

2.2.1 Reading commands char* pcpaGetCommand(pcpa_t* pcpa, char* command)

Fetch the value for a given key. Returns NULL if the key is not found. char* pcpaGetKeyword(pcpa_t* stream, uint keyword_num)

Request the keyword at a given index. Useful for fetching the 0-index keyword when the same callback is registered to multiple keywords.

2.2.2 Sending responses pcp_send_data_t *pcpaSetSendPacket(pcpa_t *stream, char *keyword, char *value)

Begin a response, setting the initial key-value pair. pcp_send_data_t *pcpaAddSendPacket(pcpa_t *stream, char *keyword, char *value)

Add an additional key-value pair onto the packet being generated. e_pcpa_t pcpaSetBinaryMode(pcpa_t *stream, binary_mode_t binary_mode)

Set the binary mode to either disabled, receiving, or transmitting data. e_pcpa_t pcpaSetBeforeBinaryModeCallBackFunc(pcpa_t *stream, pcpa_callback *callback, void *data)

Register a callback to be called before a data transfer commences. e_pcpa_t pcpaSetSendBinaryBuffer(pcpa_t *stream, byte *send_buffer, size_t len)

Set the buffer to transmit from when performing a server->consumer data transfer. Should usually be called in the before callback. e_pcpa_t pcpaSetRecvBinaryBuffer(pcpa_t *stream, byte *recv_buffer, size_t len)

Set the buffer to receive into when performing a consumer->server data transfer. Should usually be called in the before callback. e_pcpa_t pcpaSetAfterBinaryModeCallBackFunc(pcpa_t *stream, pcpa_callback *callback, void *data)

Register a callback to be called after a data transfer completes.