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2. Encoding

Requests and responses should be encoded as URL encoded query strings.

Requests support multiple lines of data, delimited with either \n or \r\n. This is notated in this document as an array of objects.

Request may optionally be compressed. Compressed requests have a Content-Type of application/octet-stream (clients must set this header in lower-case; servers may accept case variations), are are compressed with raw deflate. All other Content-Type values indicate a normal non-compressed request. Responses must not be compressed.


Raw deflate means deflation is performed without any gzip or zlib headers prepended afterwards; this is often not default behavior in library functions.

For all result codes other than 6 (request for more data), Connection: close should be explicitly set. For result code 6, Connection: close should be set if waittime is non-zero (that is, the next request is not expected to follow immediately).