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11. mxstartup

mxstartup is responsible for some very initial system checks, loading the S: drive, and handing over to mxmaster.exe. This is the first time anything other than the Windows XP boot screen that will be shown.

The S: drive is a TrueCrypt partition. Its keyfile is located in an ADS at C:\System\Execute\DLL:SystemKeyFile, and the password is segahardpassword.

A full reconstruction of mxstartup can be found in the micetools repository.

The errors reported by mxstartup will be reported into into the Application event log under the source mxstartup.

11.1 TrueCrypt Commands

  • TrueCrypt /k Z:\UpdateKeyFile /v [...] \Device\Harddisk%d\Partition%d /l W: /s /q
  • TrueCrypt /k Z:\UpdateKeyFile /v Z:\Minint\System32\DEFAULT_DRIVERS /l V: /s /q
  • TrueCrypt /p segahardpassword /k Z:\SystemKeyFile /v C:\System\Execute\System /l S: /w /s /q