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5. Download Instruction Request

5.1 Endpoint


5.2 Request

All requests to this endpoint MAY be DFI-encoded.

Name Required Default Meaning
game_id Yes The four-digit game ID
ver Yes The game version
serial Yes The keychip serial number
ip The tenpo router IP address (%d.%d.%d.%d)
encode Request encoding. “EUC-JP”, “Shift_JIS” and “UTF-8” are common, but be prepared to handle more.

5.3 Response

Name Required Default Meaning
stat Yes Machine setting
serial 1 ,-seperated list of the serial numbers of machines in the same store with the same game and machine group IDs.
uri Yes1 null Download order URI(s)

uri can contain both an app download order url, and an option image download order url. The two are concatenated, with the option image having | prefixed. That is, if only an option image is available, this will take the obscure-looking value of |https://url.to/opt.

  1. Omitted if stat is not 1