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3. Common API Specification

3.1 Packet header

Ever packet begins with the following 32-byte structure:

2 bytes2 bytes2 bytes2 bytes2 bytes6 bytesMagicVersionCommandIDLengthResultGame ID4 bytes12 bytesStore IDKeychip ID

All values in the header are unsigned, with the exception of the strings. The meaning of each field is as follows:

Field Meaning
Magic Constant 0xA13E
Version Connecting client version. 0xABBC = version A.BB.C. For example, 0x4020 = 4.02.0
Command ID Used both as identification of the requested action, and of packet structure.
Length Total length of packet, in bytes (including headers)
Result General purpose result buffer
Game ID ID of the requesting game. Null terminated string; max 5 characters + 1 null.
Store ID ALL.Net store ID (also known as place ID)
Keychip ID ID of the requesting keychip. Null terminated string; max 11 characters + 1 null.

Both servers and clients should validate that the specified length matches the expected length derived from the command ID before continuing to process the remainder of the packet.

3.2 Access Codes

Access codes are transmitted as a hex literal, rather than as an ASCII string. That is, the access code 0103 5640 2680 5409 8707 would be represented as the 10 byte sequence 01 03 56 40 26 80 54 09 87 07.

3.3 Common Enumerations

3.3.1 Result

Status Result Code
Unknown error 0
No error 1
Invalid AiMe ID 2
ID already registered 3
(Ban) system & user lock 4
(Ban) system lock 5
(Ban) user lock 6
(Ban) generic lock 7
system & user lock 8
system lock 9
user lock 10

3.3.2 Company Code

Company Company Code
Invalid 0
Bandai Namco 2
Konami 3
Taito 4

3.3.3 Firmware Version

Device-reported String Firmware Version
Empty string 0
TN32MSEC003S F/W Ver1.0 1
TN32MSEC003S F/W Ver1.2 2
Single byte value That byte
Anything else 9

3.3.4 Portal Registered

User State Portal Registered value
Unregistered 0
Registered on portal 1
Linked to SEGA ID 2

3.3.5 Log Status

Log Type Status
None 0
Game start 1
Game continue 2
Game end 3
Others 4