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12. Get Account Information with Extended Security

12.1 Overview

Get AiMe account information from a FeliCa ID, validating the card MAC first.

Rather than performing MAC validation on the client, new clients should rely on the security provided by this endpoint instead. This allows for the server to implement support for cards issued by new vendors without requiring client updates.

12.2 Request

16 bytes16 bytes16 bytes16 bytes8 bytes12 bytes4 bytesRCIDCKVWCNTMACA...1 byte1 byte2 bytesComp.CodeFirmVerDFC

Parameter Detail
Command ID 17
Minimum supported client version 4.00.0
RC Random challenge
ID ID block read from card
CKV Card key version read from card
WCNT Write count read from card
MACA MACA read from card
Company Code The client-identified card issuer. See Common Enumerations
Firmware Version Firmware version of card reader device. See Common Enumerations
DFC DFC read from card

12.3 Response

4 bytes4 bytes4 bytes10 bytes1 byte1 byte8 bytes256 bytesAccountIDRelationID 0RelationID 1AccessCodePortalReg.Comp.CodePaddingAuth key

Parameter Detail
Command ID 18
Minimum supported client version 4.00.0
Account ID AiMe ID of the user
Relation ID 1 Additional related accounts
Relation ID 2
Access Code The access code associated with the FeliCa card
Portal Registered Registration state of the user. See Common Enumerations
Company Code The server-identified card issuer. See Common Enumerations
Auth Key