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6. Request

Requests consist of multiple lines. The first line is a single BillingInfo object.

Following this are 0 or more tracedata entries. Servers typically have a limit on the number of entries that can be processed in a single request (linelimit). Requests with more than this number of tracedata entries may be processed, however clients should respect this limit. “Request next request” should be used when there are more entries to process that allowable in a single request.

6.1 BillingInfo

    "keychipid": "",
    "functype": "",
    "gameid": "",
    "gamever": "",
    "boardid": "",
    "tenpoip": "",
    "libalibver": "",
    "datamax": "",
    "billingtype": "",
    "protocolver": "",
    "operatingfix": "",
    "traceleft": "",
    "requestno": "",
    "datesync": "",
    "timezone": "",
    "date": "",
    "crcerrcnt": "",
    "memrepair": "",
    "playcnt": "",
    "playlimit": "",
    "nearfull": ""
Parameter CHN name Optional Data type Comment
keychipid keychipid No string[11] Keychip serial (no dash)
functype functype No int 0-99 Keychip function classification
gameid titleid No string[4] Game ID
gamever titlever No float5 Game version
boardid board No string[11] Mainboard serial (no dash)
tenpoip ip No IP string Store IP
libalibver libver No float5 Billing library version
datamax datamax No int 0-999999
billingtype billingclass No int 0-1 Billing mode
protocolver protocolver No float5 Protocol version
operatingfix operatingfix No int 0-1 Intraday closing processing flag
traceleft datarest No int 0-999999
requestno requestno No int
datesync timesync No int 0-1
timezone timezone No timezone
date datetime No datetime
crcerrcnt crcerrcnt No int 0-999999
memrepair memrepair No int 0-1
playcnt count No int 0-UINT_MAX
playlimit limit No int 0-UINT_MAX
nearfull nearfull No int 0-USHORT_MAX Nearfull value, not including flags

6.1.1 Alterations for AllnetLite (CHN)

  • titlever is an arbitrary ascii string (up to 5 characters)

6.2 TraceData

    "cs": "",
    "rn": "",
    "sn": "",
    "tt": "",
    "ds": "",
    "dt": "",
    "kn": "",
    "alib": "",
Parameter CHN name Optional Data type Comment
cs cs No int 0-1 CRC error flag
rn rn No int 0-999999 Record number
sn rs No int 0-999999 Record sequence number
tt td No int 0-2 Trace type
ds ts No int 0-1 Date synchronous flag
dt dt No datetime System datetime
kn ks No string[11] Keychip serial
alib lib No float5 Billing library version

All tracedata entries share a number of fields, listed here, with the remaining fields differentiated based on the trace type.

6.3 Trace type 0 (charges)

    "gi": "",
    "gv": "",
    "bn": "",
    "ti": "",
    "pc": "",
    "pl": "",
    "ic": "",
    "in": "",
    "kk": "",
    "playerno": ""
Parameter CHN name Optional Data type Comment
gi ti No string[4] Game/title ID
gv tv No float5 Game/title version
bn bs No string[11] Mainboard serial
ti pi No IP string Store/place IP
pc pc No int 0-UINT_MAX Play count
pl pl No int 0-UINT_MAX Play limit
ic ic No int 0-UINT_MAX Product code
in ni No int 0-255 Product count
kk ft No int 0-99 Function type
playerno playerno No int 0-255 Player number

6.4 Trace type 1 (event)

    "me": ""
Parameter Optional Data type Comment
me No string[33] Tracedata message, backslash escaped

6.5 Trace type 2 (credit)

    "cct": "",
    "cst": "",
    "cop": "",
    "cr0": "",
    "cr1": "",
    "cba": "",
    "ccr": "",
    "cc0": "",
    "cc1": "",
    "cc2": "",
    "cc3": "",
    "cc4": "",
    "cc5": "",
    "cc6": "",
    "cc7": ""
Parameter CHN name Optional Data type Comment
cct cct No int 0-255 Coin chute type
cst st No int 0-255 Service type
cop op No int 0-255 Operation type
cr0 cr0 No int 0-255 Coin rate 0
cr1 cr1 No int 0-255 Coin rate 1
cba ba No int 0-255 Bonus adder
ccr cr No int 0-255 Credit rate
cc0 cc0 No int 0-255 Credit 0
cc1 cc1 No int 0-255 Credit 1
cc2 cc2 No int 0-255 Credit 2
cc3 cc3 No int 0-255 Credit 3
cc4 cc4 No int 0-255 Credit 4
cc5 cc5 No int 0-255 Credit 5
cc6 cc6 No int 0-255 Credit 6
cc7 cc7 No int 0-255 Credit 7