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11. Boot Process

The following is a diagram of the Ring* boot process. Click on any of the programs to learn more about what they do.

The entrypoint, mxprestartup.exe, is set as the shell for the AppUser user. This is configured in the registry at HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\shell.

C:\System\Execute\mxprestartup.exe C:\System\Execute\mxstartup.exe S:\mxmaster.exe MASTER_PROCESS::SysProcessStart s:\mxkeychip.exe s:\mxnetwork.exe -p 40104 s:\mxstorage.exe s:\mxjvs.exe (not present) s:\mxinstaller.exe -cmdport 40102 -binport 40103 MASTER_PROCESS::FdcProcessStart s:\mxgcatcher.exe s:\mxgfetcher.exe s:\mxgdeliver.exe MASTER_PROCESS::FirstFgProcessStart APP_LAUNCHER::CreateThread APP_LAUNCHER::AppThread (initial launch mode = 6) Launch mode 1 (system error): c:\System\Execute\mxsegaboot.exe -r Launch mode 2 (start game): First found, of: x:\game.com x:\game.exe x:\game.bat If not found: Launch mode 1 Launch mode 3 (start system test menu): c:\System\Execute\mxsegaboot.exe -t -r Launch mode 4 (start game test menu): First found, of: x:\game.com gametest x:\game.exe gametest x:\game.bat gametest If not found: Launch mode 1 Launch mode 5 (???): c:\System\Execute\mxsegaboot.exe -d Launch mode 6 (boot system): c:\System\Execute\mxsegaboot.exe