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7. Delivery Report

This service is used by Nu and ALLS systems to report their download progress.

For RingEdge, please see /sys/servlet/LoaderStateRecorder.

7.1 Endpoint


7.2 Request

Either of the following:

    appimage: ReportImage
    optimage: ReportImage
If both appimage and optimage are specified, optimage should be ignored.

Any additional fields should be ignored.

7.2.1 ReportImage

    serial: "",
    dfl: ["", "", ...],
    wfl: ["", "", ...],
    tsc: 0,
    tdsc: 0,
    at: 0,
    ot: 0,
    rt: 0,
    as: 0,
    rf_state: 0,
    gd: "",
    dav: "",
    wdav: "",
    dov: "",
    wdov: "",
Parameter Required Meaning Notes
serial Yes Keychip serial Must be non-zero length
dfl No Files released All child strings must be non-zero length
wfl No File working All child strings must be non-zero length
tsc Yes Total segments
tdsc Yes Segments downloaded
at No Auth time Unix timestamp in seconds
ot No Order time Unix timestamp in seconds
rt No Release time Unix timestamp in seconds
as Yes Auth state Auth state. 1 = Failed, 2 = Success. All other values are invalid.
rf_state Yes Download state
gd Yes Description
dav Yes App version released
wdav appimage only App version working
dov Yes OS version released
wdov appimage only OS version working

7.3 Response

The response is either OK if the request was formatted correctly, otherwise NG.