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13. geminifs

geminifs is an incredibly interesting driver for merging two volumes into a single mounted drive. It is comprised of geminifs.exe and geminifs.sys. The former is the interface programs are expected to use, and the latter is the driver itself.

13.1 geminifs.exe help

Usage: geminifs.exe <original-image-path> <patch-image-path> <mount-drive> [cache=on|off] [reparse=on|off]
       geminifs.exe -u <dismount-drive>

ex1: mount drive
 > geminifs.exe O:\ P:\ X:
 > geminifs.exe O:\ P:\ X: cache=off
 > geminifs.exe O:\ P:\ X: cache=on reparse=on

ex2: dismount drive
 > geminifs.exe -u X:


          Enable geminifs file-cache.
          Disable  geminifs  file-cache.   File access memory consumption is a
        minimum, have to sacrifice access speed.

          Enable the open file as a 'Reparse Point' to the original path name.
          When you open a file  mount,  the geminifs driver open the file  and
        read access indirectly.

   The geminifs driver  that can change  the value  of these options  for each
volume to be mounted (by using these command-line).  If no value is specified,
each of the following registry value is used.

  [Service-Key]\Parameters\FsCache              REG_DWORD  0:OFF 1:ON
  [Service-Key]\Parameters\FsOpenFileAsReparse  REG_DWORD  0:OFF 1:ON

  If these are not specified, the default value (cache=on, reparse=on) will be