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8. Keychip Modding

Rather than use a genuine keychip, is it often preferable to mod a system with a keychip emuleator.

The following are the required steps to perform this:

Some emulators are provided as a pre-prepared System file. In these cases, steps 2, 3, and 4 can be skipped. Instead, simply replace the file located at C:\Execute\System with the provided file.

8.1 Where to get a keychip emulator

There are a few emulators floating around, however getting your hands on them is often easier said than done. micekeychip is an open-source, but currently incomplete, emulator, however there aren’t easily downloadable builds for it.

mxbadkey is a good emulator, used with success in many places. The only way I currently know to download it is to contact its author.

mckeychip_mod is a tempermental emulator that I wouldn’t recommend but have included for completeness. If your system came pre-loaded with an emulator it was probably this one. I do not know who authored it.