Keychip Modding

Rather than use a genuine keychip, is it often preferable to mod a system with a keychip emuleator.

The following are the required steps to perform this:

  1. Connect the RingEdge's SSD to another computer. Instructions for this can be found on the Security page.
  2. Mount the System partition. This is a TrueCrypt 4 volume located at C:\Execute\System. The password and key can also be found on the Seuciry page .
  3. Replace mxkeychip.exe with the emulator binary you were provided. This binary must be renamed to mxkeychip.exe.
  4. Create any additional configuration files as required by the specific emulator. These will be emulator-specific.
  5. Dismount everything, and reinsert the SSD into the RingEdge.

Some emulators are provided as a pre-prepared System file. In these cases, steps 2, 3, and 4 can be skipped. Instead, simply replace the file located at C:\Execute\System with the provided file.

Where to get a keychip emulator

There are a few emulators floating around, however getting your hands on them is often easier said than done. micekeychip is an open-source, but currently incomplete, emulator, however there aren't easily downloadable builds for it.

mxbadkey is a good emulator, used with success in many places. The only way I currently know to download it is to contact its author.

mckeychip_mod is a tempermental emulator that I wouldn't recommend but have included for completeness. If your system came pre-loaded with an emulator it was probably this one. I do not know who authored it.